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Great Escape – Your Climate Change Survival Plan

Great Escape – Your Climate Change Survival Plan Unless you’ve booked passage to Mars, it’s time to consider the unimaginable Written by Starre Julia Vartan – https://medium.com/@thecurioushuman Three-quarters of the world’s megacities sprawl seaside. More than 40 percent of Americans live in oceanside counties. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration projects that number will increase, […]

South African Expat Tax Guide

South African Expat Tax Guide South African SARS Expat Tax By Lisa Smith – April 18, 2019 1074 South Africa SARS Expat Tax South African Expat Tax is the new rule by South Africa’s South African Revenue Service. Find out below what it means to you and ways to plan finances for maximum efficiency. South […]

South African expats foreign employment income tax

Hugo van Zyl’s article – https://www.thesouthafrican.com/south-african-expats-foreign-employment-income-tax/ How foreign employment income tax will impact South African expats Do not believe the fear mongers suggesting you must emigrate formally to correct non-compliance. Hugo van Zyl by Hugo van Zyl – 2019-01-29 11:01 – in South Africans Abroad The current hype into formal emigration being the absolute and […]

USA Foreign account signatories

US: Foreign account signatories given an extra year to file FBARs Individuals with signature-only authority over foreign financial accounts have been granted until 15 April 2020 to file their report of foreign bank and financial accounts (FBAR) forms to the US Internal Revenue Service for the tax year just ended. Previously the deadline was 15 […]