We at Errol Finkelstein Chartered Accountants work closely with Standard Bank to promote their unique Seafarer Account to yacht crew. We hold terms of business with Standard Bank and because of this we have been granted a link to their new online Seafarer Account application form – this is a uniquely tailored webpage aimed at assisting yacht crew clients only.

The Seafarer account is a bespoke current account designed specifically for crew on superyachts around the globe. We understand the lives of crew and this account allows you to consolidate, manage and access your finances effortlessly wherever you are in the world.

The full product information and information on charges can be found in the attached fact sheet.
To apply for a Seafarer Account, please complete the application after clicking on this link Online Seafarer Application.

Please note, on the final page before you SUBMIT your application click on the ‘Your Agreement with Standard Bank Isle of Man’ link to download the terms & conditions, you will need to print and sign this and enclose it with your supporting documents.

Once you have submitted your online application, Standard Bank will need the following supporting documentation posted to them at Standard Bank, One Circular Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 1SB:

Signed Agreement – Once you have completed your online application you will have to print and sign your agreement. Please note this must be signed in pen as eSignature and scanned copies will not be accepted.

A certified copy of your passport – this can be certified by your yacht Captain or by the First Officer in the Captain’s absence. The certification must state “Certified as a true copy of the original and the photograph bears a true likeness” (this full wording is important). Then your Captain must sign, date, state their name and position and affix the boat stamp, and the certification must be on the same page as the passport copy. Please make sure your signature on the agreement matches the signature shown on your passport, otherwise you must sign the passport copy with your current signature as well.

Proof of your employment. Standard Bank require two forms of your proof of employment.

An original Captain’s letter, signed by the yacht Captain or the First Officer, a template of which is attached to this email. If you do not use this template, then please make sure the letter is addressed to Standard Bank and include the information asked for in the template. The Captain’s letter must bear the original signature of the Captain or the First Officer and where possible it must be on the boat’s headed paper and the boat stamp affixed.

A copy of your employment contract, certified by your yacht Captain or First Officer, with the words “certified as a true copy”, then signed and dated, with the boat stamp affixed. The contract must be signed by you and your employer and must confirm all the following details:
– How long the employee has been known to the employer
– Duration of employment
– Salary
– How much, how paid, when and by whom
– The name of the company employing the applicant

Please note that the Captain’s/First Officer’s signature must be in “wet ink” as Standard Bank does not accept digital, scanned or e-signatures. Also, if your Captain or First Officer is using a certification sticker, make sure their signature or boat stamp covers both sticker and paper.

If either of the above is not available, Standard Bank will also accept an original letter from your yacht management company confirming your employment. This letter must state the information requested in the Captain’s letter.
Please note that Standard Bank must have your original signed agreement and original certified supporting documents in order to open your account.

If there are any other crew on board who would also be interested in opening an account, please feel free to pass my contact details on to them.

Click here to download the PDF form if you prefer it to the online process, above: Seafarer Application Form

Details are provided by clicking here: Seafarer factsheet and in the Documents Required List

Contact Errol on web@yoyo.money for any assistance required.

Regular off-shore bank accounts also available to non-sailors. Email Errol on web@yoyo.money

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